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What to expect from winter 2016-2017?

What to expect from the upcoming winter season and how to prepare are issues that concern everyone.

The truth is that the winter conditions are inevitable and the good and timely preparation is the solution that will warm your home, office building or business and will save you many headaches.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology - BAS, winter 2016/2017 will be colder than winter 2015/2016, but fortunately we will avoid severe weather.

Estimates show that November will bring us more cold compared to November 2015 but the amounts of rain will be pretty much the same.

For December the expectations are for more rainfalls compared to last year. In the beginning, there will be more intense rainfalls and less snow. In the second half the expects alert for significant cooling and snow, and the temperatures will remain below zero. Sunny days will be almost absent. Clouds and fog will dominate during most of the month.

For Christmas there will be weak snowfalls but we will welcome the New Year with heavier snowfall.

According to the meteorologists, in December the lowest temperatures will be up to -12 degrees.

January 2017 will be dynamic with variable temperatures and snow which will change in periods. It is expected to be warmer with less rainfalls compared to January 2016. However, the forecast does not include shortage of snowfalls. Temperatures will be normal for this month

In January the lowest temperatures will reach -16 degrees.

In February the winter temperatures are inevitable but at the end of the month meteorologists foresee warming.

To ensure a warm winter for your home or workplace, contact Gorrel for the supply of heating oil. We will consult and advise you and you will be happy to count on punctual deliveries, high-quality diesel and a calm winter!