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Fuels for manufacturing

Gorrel is a fuel supplier to private manufacturing companies and state enterprises as well. The customers, who use diesel for their needs, are from all areas of the industry:

  • heavy industry, machine building, chemical industry
  • electronic and electrical industry
  • food industry
  • textile industry
  • construction

With the purpose of manufacturing clients use diesel B6, diesel without bio component and diesel for heating.


Fuel for heating

Since January 1, 2016 diesel for heating is no longer available with lower excise duty and this is the reason why is with a higher price. Despite this, diesel is one of the most preferred fuels for heating.

Fuel for heating is used from individuals for their homes and from legal entities for heating buildings, hypermarkets, hotels, factories, warehouses, etc.  Diesel has many advantages over the other alternatives: it gives a lot of heat (calories), heats the premises very quickly, it is easy for usage, storage and maintenance of cleanliness.

The only difference is that legal entities must comply with certain regulations about the receiving of the fuel, while they do not affect individuals. For more information see Fuel for heating.

Gorrel owns cisterns who are registered especially for transport of fuels and are under constant GPS control. Due to the own transport resources, the deliveries are accurate, fast and are not delayed even in the high season.


Budget entities and public procurements

During the years Gorrel gas managed to successfully serve budget entities from all over the country - municipalities, town halls, schools, kindergartens, community centers, government institutes, hospitals and other institutions and organizations. 

The company has won and executed numerous public procurements. Its wide experience in the field allows to provide the best possible conditions.