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As a major economic sector, the Bulgarian agriculture deserves special attention and services which could meet its specific needs.

For agricultural needs farmers use diesel without bio component. An advantage is its lower price but it should be used only for agrucultural purposes and this should be certified by a declaration.

In some cases, producers choose diesel B6, with 6% bio component, which is allowed to be used both for  off-road and road machinery.

The most precise farmers choose diesel with additives because this is the best choice to take care of the agricultural technique, prolonging its life. What is more, lower fuel consumption is achieved. The quality fuels, offered by Gorrel, contribute to the maintenance of the excellent state of the machinery.

During the high season, the fuel supplies and their accuracy are vital for the ongoing and uninterrupted work. Considering this necessity of the sector, Gorrel performs express and timely deliveries which guarantee smooth work that does not have to stop.

The company's own transport ensures exactly flexibility and logistical freedom while the large number of cisterns are enough for Gorrel to achieve national coverage and to reach farmers across the country.

As for the legislation concerning the Bulgarian farmers, it often suffers amendments. That is why Gorrel's experts are always aware of all legislative changes and customers know that they can rely on consultations and tips on all relevant issues.

Right from the beginning Gorrel seamlessly works with the vouchers for fuel, given as a state aid.

 What is more, the company constantly supports the Bulgarian farmers and their interests. For instance, Gorrel participated in the protests against the compulsory installation of level measuring systems and electronic devices with fiscal memory.

In case you have any questions or you want to make a request for a fuel supply, Gorrel is constantly available to the agricultural producers.