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Dieselor OK is an additive, which is especially developed for diesel engines. With its numerous advantages, this is the choice of the majority of Gorrel's customers.

What makes Dieselor OK so successful and efficient?

its formula is designed to meet the needs of diesel vehicles, no matter road or non-road machinery;
proven positive effect on the performance of the engine;
environmental benefits in terms of less harmful gas emissions and thus contribution to the fight against greenhouse effect and global warming;
cleaning and preventive action againt deposits of waste products in the fuel system.
The seasonal differences determine two versions of the additive - summer and winter.


Dieselor OK SUMMER

Dieselor OK Summer improves the overall engine performance and contributes to a longer life of the components by protecting them. The greatest advantages that Gorrel's customers point out are the lower fuel consumption and the saved costs for maintenance.


Dieselor OK WINTER


The advantages of Dieselor OK Winter are unconditionally proven during the cold months. The winter version of the additive is successful in defeating in the fight against the negative tempretures. Lowering the CFPP of the fuel, the use of Dieselor OK Winter ensures seamless start of the engine even in the coldest days and nights. There are many cases when the additive saved a lot of time, money and problems of its users. That is why Dieselor OK is the favourite diesel additive of Gorrel's customers.