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Partners and clients

The most convincing proof of the professionalism of the company is the feedback of its customers.

The results of the survey, carried out in 2015 and exploring the customer satisfaction are a gift for the efforts of Gorrel's team and a motivating factor for its future goals.

  • The overall satisfaction of the work with Gorrel, the offered products and services, is extremely high for 96% of the participants in the research (including attitude of the team, deliveries, quality, trust, deadlines, prices and terms of payment).
  • 79% of Gorrel's customers would recommend the company to its partners, colleagues, friends and acquaintances.
  • 89% of the clients using heating fuel indicate that Gorrel has totally earned their trust.
  • 83% of the farmers are loyal to the company and fully stand behind its name.
  • 100% of the interviewed customers of Gorrel are satisfied with the quality of the fuels and they had never had complaints.


Peter Metodiev

Peter Metodiev

Uses fuel for the heating of his house in Sofia.
As a client of Gorrel for several years, I rely on the company for the warmth and security of my home. They have always reacted quickly and supplied me with fuel on time even in very unfavourable winter conditions. Especially with a small child in the house, my family and I depend on the punctual deliveries and we are glad that we found them and we work together so easily. I highly recommend them to all our friends and everyone who uses heating fuel!
Vladimir Stoev

Vladimir Stoev

Agricultural producer from Negovantsi, Radomir.
To me, the punctual supplies are very important so I don't have to stop the farm work. In this regard, I have never had problems with Gorrel and I can easily plan my days! What is more, using Gorrel's fuel, I am pleased with the fuel consumption and the behaviour of the machines during the winter months. I don't allow compromises, because I cannot afford my technique to stay out of order, but Gorrel has never given me reasons to have concerns for such issues. A great role for the beneficial results has the knowledge of the team that assists me when any regulatory changes appear, informs me immediately and gives me advice on the options. I strongly recommend Gorrel to all of my colleagues and friends and now they already convinced themselves!